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  1. Margaret Rowland says:


    I have chosen your book for our book club choice on the Costa Blanca, Spain. It was my personal choice, because your other books were childrn’s Books and I wanted to see what you challenged the adult reader with. Our book club have read lots of books that have dealt with parental issues and I wondered if you had any other questions other than the ones that appeared on good reads. I am hosting our next book club and want to challenge my friends attitudes. Some of us are not parents. A new experience for me, and an interesting one, and, to be honest the first time I have been in a minority. My lovely companions mostly are not mothers: I am outnumbered and value their opinions. I hope that you have had feedback Nd can perhaps suggest some challenging questions for my book chums. Thank you in anticipation.

    Margaret Rowland

    • Joanna Nadin says:

      Hi Margaret, thanks for getting in touch and for choosing the book! I’m not sure which questions are on Goodreads – I don’t use that site. But there are some I posted on here a month or so ago. Other than those, I think the interesting questions would be asking what they would do in some of the situations:
      – Would they help Harry get an abortion without telling Angela?
      – Would they tell Dido who her father is?
      – Are David and Edie entirely at fault for the affair?
      – Would they have taken Dido in as Angela does later?
      – Would they have forgiven Edie / David for the affair?

      Good luck and I hope it’s a good discussion. Best wishes

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