Penny Dreadful Causes a Kerfuffle

‘My name is not actually Penny Dreadful. It is Penelope Jones. The Dreadful bit is my dad’s JOKE. But this time I really wasn’t trying to be DREADFUL… No. I was just trying to DO MY BEST, so it is completely not my fault that right now I am sort of blueish all over and so is my sister Daisy’s swan outfit. And I was also really TRYING TO HELP Joshua Bottomley fall in love with Daisy by doing a science experiment on him, but I did not know that he would just go a bit pale and green and it would all turn into one BIG kerfuffle!’


‘Any child who likes a bit of mayhem will enjoy Penny Dreadful Causes a Kerfuffle… A perfect choice for fans of Horrid Henry.’
(Sunday Express)

‘With madness, misbehaviour and mayhem on every page, there won’t be a straight face in the house when Penny makes an appearance! The perfect book to get youngsters reading with an adult, or entirely alone.’
(Lancashire Evening Post)

‘Brilliantly funny fiction from favourite author Joanna Nadin’
(Scholastic Book Club)

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