2. The Life of Riley

‘This year I will utterly not snog random posh boys with congenital acne but will save myself for long-haired creative type with interest in tragicness and with musical potential i.e. Justin Statham. Though am not sure Justin has realized yet that I am the ONE for him. Maybe he has heard I am rubbish at snogging. I need to learn to snog properly – and fast. Though perhaps I am just unloveable. As well as tongue technique issues I have hopelessly untragic relatives and a dog who eats furniture. Plus I am practically a medical midget and my hair is mental. Maybe I should just give up on boys altogether…’

‘The deepest desires and greatest fantasies of a teenager are hilariously recorded in this no-holds-barred diary. Her search will make parents and teenagers laugh out loud.’ (Julia Eccleshare)

‘An outrageous and utterly compelling book, Rachel Riley’s diary is a riot to read… breathes new life into the fictional diary form.’ (Waterstone’s Books Quarterly)

‘This sparkling sequel lives up to expectations and has genuine crossover appeal.’ (The Bookseller)