The Worst Class in the World Gets Worse

Cover of The Worst Class in the World Gets Worse

4B is the Worst Class in the World! But that won’t stop best friends Stanley and Manjit. They have a FOOLPROOF PLAN to become the best playground monitors EVER and rescue a penguin from the zoo. It just might mean getting into a LOT of trouble.

The second eagerly awaited instalment in the acclaimed Worst Class series, illustrated by Rikin Parekh.

Such a treat to read aloud though, it would be a shame not to make this bedtime reading so that all the family can enjoy the fun.’ (LoveReading4Kids)

Praise for The Worst Class in the World.

Deliciously silly, with hilarious catchphrases [this] is a great cheer-up book.‘ (The Guardian)

‘A raucous, fast-paced joy of a book [that] captures the chaos and excitement of primary school with touches of real heart.’ (Armadillo Magazine)

‘Packed with laugh-out-loud moments.’ (The Scotsman)

‘More fun than a barrel of monkeys! A hilarious and hapless cast who I hope to see a lot more of. Perfect for youngsters to read again and again.’  (Claire Barker)

‘HILARIOUS!’ (Pamela Butchart)

‘A modern Bash Street Kids, only with heaps more ha-ha, and a lot more heart, this is guaranteed to make you LOL in class. For a little book, it makes a big impression.’ (Snort)

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