‘Jude the Invisible. Jude the Obscure. Everything about me unremarkable. Nothing beautiful or striking. I was just the girl with no mum. Until Stella.’

Jude Must Get Away. She has to ace her exams and an audition at a prestigious drama school or she’ll never escape her small town life and follow her dream of becoming an actor. But then her best friend Stella returns, bringing excitement and danger to Jude’s dull existence. For the first time, she can be who she wants to be.

But as her life spirals out of control, Jude uncovers a dark secret. Will Stella save her – or destroy her?


‘The author skillfully keeps the conclusion from feeling foregone… Indeed, even those who figure out Stella’s secret before Jude does won’t be disappointed in their final confrontation, and many will want to reread the book armed with their new knowledge.’ (Publishers Weekly)

‘Nadin deftly weaves together the intricate parts of a psychological puzzle as she slowly reveals the true nature of the girls’ relationship. A promising US debut for teens – here’s hoping for more from this writer.’ (Kirkus Reviews)

‘A gripping read… fresh and frank view of the feelings of a girl struggling to become a young adult.’
(Just Imagine Story Centre)

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