Everybody Hurts

It’s Leeds, I said, not Hollywood. You’re not going to find a hero working down Kwikfit.

Matt and Sophia live in the same city, but they come from opposite sides of the track. By rights they should never have met. They definitely should never have fallen in love at first sight, of all cliches. But, to their great surprise, they do. That’s the easy part. It’s what to do next that they struggle with. Friends, family and circumstance are mostly against them. They betray themselves; then they betray each other. And in the end they learn, the hard way, what it takes for love to survive. It’s true what they say. Everybody hurts sometimes. But sometimes, too, the pain is worth it.

Everybody Hurts is what The Fault in Our Stars might have looked like if it had all started in a hospital canteen in Leeds . . .

  • Nominated for the 2018 CILIP Carnegie Medal.
  • Shortlisted for the Hounslow Teen Read 2019
  • A Times Educational Supplement ‘Best Back to School’ choice.

‘Two masters of their craft have created something so special here . . . I didn’t want to leave Matt & Sophia . . . How refreshing to read about this subject matter in a way that feels so real. Funny, touching – just wonderful.’ (Rae Earl, author of My Mad Fat Diary)

‘Skillfully-crafted, engaging, frank, often crude but always witty… gatekeepers may have reservations, but I think teenage readers will love Everybody Hurts for its humour, its seriousness and above all for the touching relationships at its heart.’ (Linda Newbery, Armadillo)

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