A Calamity of Mannerings

Take a peek into the diary of Panth (never enquire as to her given name), a young woman knocking on the gilded door of adult life and high society. But kicking up one’s heels at the Cafe de Paris does not come easy to a girl navigating:

  1. Poverty (even the genteel kind), thanks her papa’s sad demise
  2. A lack of any experience whatsoever with the opposite sex, of course not counting Freddie Spencer (and he wasn’t that sort of experience, anyhow)
  3. Multiple sisters with ideas, a grandmother with opinions and one recalcitrant sheep.

Panth knows there is more for her out in the world – it’s 1924, for goodness’ sake – and that could include swoonsome American with excellent teeth, Buck Buchanan. The question is, how in the name of Tatler is she to claim it?

Praise for the novel

A hilarious coming-of-age story for fans of I Capture the Castle and Bridgerton from Carnegie-nominated and Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller Joanna Nadin.

This book is bliss!‘ (Hilary McKay)

So much fun! So clever with such wonderful characters who I can still feel breathing and squabbling around me. I kept on guffawing with laughter.‘ (Natasha Farrant)

I couldn’t put it down. Wodehouse is alive and she’s beautiful!‘ (Emma Carroll)

Flawless. Fabulous. Austen meets Mitfords, Durrells and Bridgerton.‘ (Rachel Delahaye)

Publishing in May 2023. You can preorder the book by clicking here.