Where Do You Go, Birdy Jones?

Dad’s new family means there’s no room left for Birdy. The only place that feels like home is Grandpa’s pigeon loft, amongst the warmth of the birds she loves to race. It’s also where she meets Dogger, her only real friend. When Birdy uncovers a message from the past, she thinks it explains why she doesn’t ‘fit’ with her family. But the closer she gets to the truth, the further apart she becomes from Dogger. Why is he drifting away when she needs him the most?

Sometimes it’s those we know best who might be hiding the biggest secrets…

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  • A CLPE (Campaign for Literacy in Primary Education) ‘Power of Reading’ title.

A poignant story of family, friendship and the things that matter, with an audacious heroine. (The Guardian)

A poignant and contemporary tale of dealing with loss and new beginnings and the importance of family and communication. (The South Wales Evening Post)

Lovely and heartfelt and genuine… I bawled my eyes out. (Bookbag)

The characters are fantastic, the pace page-turning and the story is full of heart. (Author Rachel Delahaye)

A wonderful story with great characters. I bawled my eyes out. (WRD magazine)

This is such a lovely story and Birdy is a wonderfully strong girl. It’s enough to make you cry. (Bookwitch)