6. The Facts of Life

‘Just when I thought had finally found knight in shining skinny jeans i.e. the ONE, i.e. Jack, knight gets all minty. It’s all about matter of accidental snog with part-time rock god Justin Statham. Even though have explained was utterly in name of scientific experiment. Enough is enough! It’s time for me to wake up and smell the coffee (or at least the hot chocolate) and forget about romance and fairytale happy endings. Will concentrate only on cold hard facts from now on. Perhaps new grown-up-ness will even win heart of potential OLDER MAN…’


‘A one-off. It has all the DNA of a Louise Rennison novel, but this is definitely an older sister… The comedy timing is just as simple, and simply spot-on, but this is much more worldly-wise, and cutting.’ (Bookbag)