‘If I had known who he was – who I was – would it have changed anything? Maybe. Maybe not. But that’s it. I didn’t know. Because it was Mum’s secret. Het’s secret. And, like all skeletons, it came out of the closet. And it found me.’

When Billie inherits her grandmother’s house, it’s a fairytale come true. Maybe she can find the father she’s never met. But moving back to her mum’s childhood home dredges up secrets – and Billie soon discovers that people may die, but the past lives for ever.


‘Beautifully written, emotionally powerful. A novel you won’t forget.’ (Cathy Cassidy)

‘Slick, beautiful and compelling.’
(Catherine Bruton)

‘Beautifully written and very powerful. Just like the past you won’t be able to forget it.’

‘A wonderful story… Rosamund Pilcher for teens in the noughties.’

‘A powerful and emotional read.’
(Bliss magazine)

‘A perfect summer holiday read for teens full of suspense and angst with a gripping plot… you will not want to put it down.’ (The Guardian)

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