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These books will save your life

OK. So that’s a slight exaggeration. What I really meant to say was “these books will make you laugh / cry and thus fill an afternoon that would otherwise have to be spent nodding as Auntie Felicity shows your 400 … Continue reading

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Back to the start…

So, it’s New Year. And there’s the usual rash of ill-thought-out resolutions and promises e.g. I absolutely will use that pink step machine I bought in a fit of crisp-induced madness for at least fifteen minutes every day. But for … Continue reading

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Buttercup 2: Return of the crazy

Dear Dr Sven OK, so it’s, like, nine days until publication, not that I’m counting or anything, but, well, yes I am actually, wouldn’t you? I mean, it’s the biggest thing to happen to me since Rachel Riley messed it … Continue reading

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